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My Animal Farm



Yesterday was another big day for Anouk, our two year old Husky rescue dog. All three of us: Bud, Anouk, and I walked along the road to Dra Chely's clinic. This was the time for removal of stitches from Anouk's operation at the spay/neuter clinic (July31st) plus getting her first vaccinations. We think it was to be her first shots, but she is a rescue dog, so can't be certain. Dra Chely cleaned Anouk's ears, checked her feet, checked some rough skin areas (dermatitis), gave the dog a big hug and administered the vaccines. Then weighed her....Anouk has gained a pound during her first month with us.? This in spite of all her running in the yard plus chasing the cats.

Anouk slept most of the afternoon (I think from the vaccinations). But she did take time to interrupt mamma cat from a nap, on Anouk's bed, of course. Mamma wouldn't budge, so Anouk grabbed the bed and pulled cat and bed along the patio. Looked like fun for both animals.



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