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We went to the event this afternoon at the Boquete Library. A large number of photographic works were being viewed (and appreciated) by a large number of attendees. There were several very impressive photographs. Not wanting to take anything away from the other photographs, but my favorite was one in color of a hummingbird by Robert Braun.

Free refreshments (drinks and munchies), but I didn't taste any of the munchies. Also, lots of good conversation, and many friends and newcomers were there.

What pleasantly surprised me was the inclusion of works of art by both expatriates and several Panamanian photographers, some from as far away as Colon and PC. I thought that was a wonderful integration.

Kudos to the photo club. Very glad that we went, and we look forward to more such exhibits.

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It was great! We bought one of the awesome hummingbird pictures by Robert!

The photos were great and fantastic event by the Boquete Photo Club!

Thank you!

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This amazing exhibit of local talent is one of the reasons that makes Boquete so unique.

The photos were professional, varied, and beautifully displayed.

Way to go Photografia !!!!!

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