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Nature hiking in and around Boquete. Photos included.



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Trail Nature Walks & Hikes

"Off the Beaten Path Trekking"    Explore, Dream, Discover, on foot with the best pioneer nature trekking group in Boquete. We have explored over 40 trails in this vast and beautiful area throughout the years.  Join us every Wed. & Fri.  This Week - 8:30 A.M. WED. NATURE HIKING 3+hrs. for Intermediate to advanced hiker, nature lover, photographer. We love breathing fresh air and love being outside!  FRI. EZ NATURE WALK 1-1/2 HOUR for Begi



Boquete Nature Hikes "Easy Wednesday" Yesterday 14/10/2015

Yesterday's hike was fun as, we hiked in an area, I have not hiked on for a year or more. Palmira Abajo the area, we hiked, has many wonderful country lanes one of the reasons why, I enjoy hiking this highland area in the Boquete District as there are so many trails to choose, from easy to difficult. For the Boquete Nature Hike group on "Easy Wednesday", I choose trails easy to maneuver on for a 2-3 hour morning nature walk. Nevertheless, I do insist that you must be in good health to join this



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