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Trail Nature Walks & Hikes




                                                                                 "Off the Beaten Path Trekking" 

Explore, Dream, Discover, on foot with the best pioneer nature trekking group in Boquete. We have explored over 40 trails in this vast and beautiful area throughout the years

Join us every Wed. & Fri. 

This Week - 8:30 A.M.
WED. NATURE HIKING 3+hrs. for Intermediate to advanced hiker, nature lover, photographer. We love breathing fresh air and love being outside! 
FRI. EZ NATURE WALK 1-1/2 HOUR for Beginners, nature lover, photographer. We enjoy nature!
We walk at a steady comfortable pace since, our primary interest is exploring, looking, admiring nature and discovering the unusual whenever the opportunity arises, which it has many times. Each of Boquete's seasons has something new to discover and to teach us about nature.   
What to pack: during the rainy season (this year until December) need raingear., also pack binocs if you have them, water, sun block, camera, wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and hiking sticks, I have some to loan out. 
Requirements: As always to be in good health and able to keep up with group, though as mentioned, we do not hike at a rapid pace stopping often to take in the scenery or discover something NEW. 
For more info email jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces)
Slowing down and going on a nature walks/hikes makes one more aware of their surroundings such as the different spice aromas flowing through the air or capturing a butterfly through your camera lens or looking at moss through a loupe lens in the rain forest. Nature walks are an interesting learning experience.
For more information and to be placed on the Boquete EZ Nature Walks master list email Jere McCormick. 

See you on the trails - Jere McCormick

Photos from the nature trails around the boquete District. .

Rio Chiriqui Grande (1 of 1).jpg

David and Pacific Inlets (1 of 1).jpg

Trail (1 of 1).jpg

Out and Back (1 of 1).jpg

Walking Back (1 of 1).jpg

Hiking Day2 (1 of 1).jpg



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