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About this blog

An Invitation to

“Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends”

At The Haven


What Is It?

Yin & Yang Yoga

The Best of Both Worlds 

30 Minutes Easy Fusion Yoga + 30 Minutes Restorative Yin Yoga

All in One Class


Who is it for? 

~Anybody Any Age With Aches & Pains

~Very First Time Beginners 

~Intermediate Beginners



Add Strength 

Improve Balance

Increase Flexibility

Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Better Circulation & Cardio

Happy Spine, Happy Life

All Around Better Health

Build Endurance

More Life

Be Well



 Every Saturday 9am-10am (except Sat Nov 26)



The Haven Yoga Center


How Much?

$10 Residents  —  $15 Visitors  


Why Not?

There is no why not!

If you want you to

feel better, look younger,

be healthier, have more energy to enjoy life…


Be There! 


A Note From Michael about me and Yin & Yang Yoga


To put things in perspective, I'll turn 65 in December and have been teaching full time since June of 2002….


In the summer of 1999 I began my stretching/yoga practice by learning the Tibetan 5 Rites, and learning Stretching and Assisted Stretching techniques as taught by Bob Anderson and Aaron Mattes


After discovering the benefits and the transformation this had on my health, healing old injuries, etc., I attended and completed a 9 week training with Bikram's Yoga College of India.  I began teaching full time in June 2002.  Since then I have taught various hot yoga styles as well as branching out to Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Other trainings I have completed include a 200HR RYT with Tiffany Cruikshank of yogamedicine.com.  Then following Paul Grilley Yin techniques, I earned a certification in Yin Yoga with Debbi Atkins-Davis 1000HR RYT.



June 30 of this year I moved to Boquete from Las Vegas, Nevada. For the last 8 years in Las Vegas I taught  public classes at various studios throughout the city, and to private clients.  My teachings range from Stretching and Assisted Stretching, to Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga, and all the way up to more aggressive styles.  I have created a 60 minute yoga fusion class, combining several yoga disciplines.  

I am simply calling it Yin & Yang Yoga. 


I look forward to meet and teach you in my classes!

Entries in this blog

Inversion Table Wanted

I am looking for an inversion table.  If anyone in the Boquete or David area has one they would like to sell, please contact me at mic1951co@gmail.com or WhatsApp 6623 4860. Thanks!

Michael C

Michael C

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Join us at Boquete Yoga Studio at The Haven in Boquete, Panama on Feb 20, 24, 26 to learn the Ancient Secret of The Fountain of Youth! (all classes are 10:30am -11:30am) --Regain Flexibility & Balance, Increase Energy, & Add Strength with this 15 minutes workout-- About the program... —JOHN GRAY, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus says “It’s easy. It’s fast. And it works! I love this program.” —MARTIN SHEEN, American actor, says “I have done the F

Michael C

Michael C

The Most Important Thing I Was Ever Asked To Do

... was to start teaching my fellow human beings how to"Stretch & Flex" for superb long term health...   That was December 28, 2001.   This December I celebrate15 years of teaching AND my 65th Birthday... I am continuing to share this simple and effective "Stretch & Flex" practice   This is Your Invitation to “Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends”  At The Haven              Back by popular demand - the "Stretching for

Michael C

Michael C

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