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How Do I Donate To Alto Al Crimen?

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There have been several enthusiastic responses to the announcement of Franc Lugo as our new AAC Hotline operator, both by email and in person.  Perhaps the most common question we have received is, "How do I make my donation to Alto al Crimen?"

You can leave cash or a check payable to "FUNDACION ALTO AL CRIMEN" with David van Harn at his Alto al Crimen table (where he sells beautiful wood turnings).  It's on the north side patio at the Tuesday Market.  You can also put a check into an envelope labeled "ALTO AL CRIMEN" and leave it at Mail Boxes, Etc.  You can deposit a check to the AAC checking account at San Francisco Plaza, using account number  850054030.  Finally, you can make an online ACH account-to-account transfer from most banks to Scotia Bank, using the same account number.
To be sure that we know who made the donation, please write your name (and residence ID number, if any) on envelopes and checks.  In the cases of deposits of cash, checks or ACH transfers directly to Scotia Bank, send us an email to studiotomaspanama@gmail.com with your name and resident ID number (if any) to let us know you made the deposit.
If you are already registered and have a residence ID but have not made a contribution in a year or more, please make a donation of $20 or more now.  If you use a calendar on your computer, phone, iPad, etc.  make an annual reminder entry so that you won't forget your donations.  The AAC Hotline is sort of like an insurance policy---you fund it and hope you don't need it.
If you are not yet registered for the AAC Hotline, go to altoalcrimen.info, click the big red rectangle on the right side of the opening page and register online.  Then you can donate to David van Harn or in one of the other ways.  New registrants should include a $10 one-time donation for the resident ID plaque.  Your plaque will then be available later at Mail Boxes, Etc. or from David van Harn at the Tuesday Market.  Your plaque number is used to link your information in our database and make it easier for our AAC Hotline operator to give directions and other information to emergency services.
Thank you for your support of Alto al Crimen!
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