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  1. Some of the most popular El Matador products "They kill what needs killing." El Matador Mold Killer and Preventer -- for leather coats, shoes, caps, backs of rugs and carpets, backs of furniture, draperies, backs and bottoms of upholstered furniture, etc. One treatment, and mold does not return. Available in spray bottles (16 oz, and 24 oz, depending on availability) $7 and $10 NOTE: I now sell the 24 oz size in 32 ounce bottles because I can no longer get 24 ounce bottles. If you want a full 32 ounce bottle, the price is $13.
  2. El Matador’s Mold and Odor Killer Service The name, El Matador means “the killer.” Every El Matador product is designed to kill something. It may be germs, mold, odors, arthritis, osteoporosis, candida infections, rust or other things. If you would like a list of El Matador products and some information, send an email to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject ”El Matador” This announcement is about a service to kill something and not about a product. Probably all of us have had the experience of noticing musty, moldy odors in the bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, storerooms, c
  3. FINAL SHOT AT PICKING UP MED PLAN CARDS AT THE TUESDAY MARKET Again this Tuesday (February 6) I'll be at the market with Hospital Cooperativo Medical Discount Plan cards to deliver to people who recently renewed or enrolled in the plan. This will be the last distribution. Cards not picked up by that date (except some I am holding for people out of the country) will be left at the medical plan office in Hospital Cooperativo, where they can be picked up on any weekday during office hours.
  4. I was contacted by Rodny Moreno regarding how to contact him. The number originally included in the news item above has been changed. Rodny now prefers that calls to him be on his personal phone. The Rodny Direct Helpline number will be provided after your enrollment is completed. Please read the entire notice again. Changed information is highlighted in yellow. The previous message has been removed. Bob =========================. If you are one of the 29 people wh
  5. Security at the old prison was tight. Both male and female visitors were patted down by guards of the same sex and had to remove their shoes for inspection. No cell phones,, guns, knives, cameras, etc. were allowed. Even key rings were checked for sharp items. All food and comfort items were inspected, including opening items like new, sealed jars of peanut butter and probing to the bottom of the jar with a fork. No fruits or canned items capable of being used to make alcohol were permitted. Yet there was home brew alcohol and a lot of cell phones Cell phones are smuggled in by
  6. I also meant to add some other comments and information. The new prison facility sounds like it will be a great improvement in many ways. The old one was just one major violation of human rights. I know of one cell there with dimensions of 22 feet by 22 feet which, until the tranfers began, held 57 prisoners who had no opportunity even to exit the cell for walking except possibly once per week if a visitor came. There was one toilet and one shower. By the way, the news stories said that 300 prisoners had been transferred at the time of the fire and 200 remained. However, the act
  7. Keith: Your "too bad" comment about family complaints about the distance and cost involved for visiting the new prison is uninformed. Every week, family members cumulatively deliver hundreds of pounds of food, toothpaste, toilet tissue, clothing and other items not provided to prisoners by the prison. The quality and quantity of food provided by the company with the food service contract are abysmal. Without supplementation from things brought by friends or family members, prisoners are left in really bad circumstances.
  8. AAC/HOSPITAL COOPERATIVO MEDICAL DISCOUNT PLAN ONE DAY ENROLLMENT OPPORTUNITY Boquete Hospice and Health is hosting the Boquete Health Fair on Sunday, October 22, and Alto al Crimen is pleased to have been asked to participate. We want to be able to give you information, but even better is the fact that we have decided to open enrollment for the Alto al Crimen / Hospital Cooperativo discount medical plan for this Sunday ONLY. What would make better sense for a Health Fair? The next scheduled open enrollment season will be from mid-December to mid-January. For those not fami
  9. It was hardly a rant. It was a reply to two or three people who did not happen to like my choice of fonts. As I pointed out, there is a broad choice of fonts provided by Chiriqui.life. Are they all supposed to be off limits except for non-bold black? When I wrote factual information about the attack on Richard and about AAC, I was writing on behalf of AAC. When I responded to individuals who declared personal prejudices about my choice of font, I was writing on my own behalf. If anyone wants to choose an emergency telephone service based on how I answered people about my choice of fon
  10. APOLOGIA Well, let's talk about fonts and colors. First, I am a person of a certain age (very close to 82), and my eyes are much more comfortable reading fonts that are bold and a bit larger than average. Long ago, I settled on Arial as the most legible font for most purposes. In the matter of vision in older years, I am not at all the Lone Ranger. Here is some information from an article about Typography and Aging Eyes. The population is rapidly aging and becoming a larger share of the marketplace. Thirteen percent of the population is currently over 65 years old. In 30 years th
  11. Think about it. If the message was from Rodny, and I have it, does that not give you a clue that the service was the AAC Hotline? The problem occurred before Rodny Direct was activated for the Boquete area. The message from Rodny is more than sufficient to show that he did not receive that particular emergency call. The name of the caller is not in Rodny's message, and there is no need whatever for that name to become involved.
  12. No need to check on the missed call by Rodny I mentioned. My computer remembers these things. Here is an excerpt from the text of a message from Rodny reporting the problem. I mis-remembered and thought it was a heart attack when it was a stroke. "...after getting up from bed this morning, I found a text message on the hotline phone saying that at 1 05 earlier in the morning, a phone number tried to call me. So I called the number to find that it was a lady who tried to call but the call did went through, and that the reason for her call was that her husband had a stroke. They f
  13. Dottie: Yes, did you not read the post above? ------------------------------------------- Two Sailors: Send changes to AAC.boquete@gmail.com Be sure to include your Residence ID number. David van Harn will be adding a page for submitting modifications to existing AAC Hotline registrations. It will function similarly to the email option except that it will have fields for the various categories of information. The changes do not go directly into the data base because it is much better that they be checked first. We will also be contacting registrants about updates because quite
  14. Almost nowhere in the world can you be 100% sure that an emergency call will go through. Certainly in an area with very few land line phones (and those often have microwave radio paths as a part of the system) and large numbers of cell phones, there will be glitches at times. During the time of the Coffee and Flower Fair in Boquete (going on now) we have an influx of very large numbers of people, all with cell phones and all making calls, thus overloading the systems of the various carriers. Even without bad connectivity, there will be times when a system will be busy so that a call will no
  15. I learned of the attack on Richard shortly after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the attack. A good mutual friend of ours and the Moore's told me that Barbara had called the AAC Hotline and got a voice mail reply. I immediately called Franc Lugo. He had not received a call, and there were no calls all all that day showing on the call log on the telephone until my call to him at 3:19. If there had been a missed call, it would have shown in the log. Alto al Crimen has the same number with the same SIM card as we have had for years. It is in a brand new, good quality Samsung telephone. Rod
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