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Looking for water plants

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For some reason, there is no option of replying to John's topic about water plants.

Most of the water lilies in people's ponds here come from Carla Black's and Angel Rodriguez's ponds and gardens in Volcan. (They also have a wide variety of heliconias, gingers, and other plants.) Carla's contact info is carla@volcanbaru.com.

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Classified ads cannot be replied to. That is because of strong member requests to configure classified ads like a newspaper. Please review the forum specific rules at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/247-forum-specific-rules-for-classified-ads/.

There is one exception to the prohibition of replying to classified ads, and that is the Concierge Services and Help Desk forum.

It is for the above reasons that JohnF13's topic was moved to the concierge services -- specifically people can now reply to his inquiry. And then your reply was merged with his topic.

As an aside, we have been assessing whether to relocate the concierge services to a different category (such as the topical forums) just to make it abundantly clear that it is a different kind of forum from the more typical classified ads. Feedback requested.

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