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Leatt protective motorcycle gear

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1747421306_neckprotector.jpg.9d70145ee01c6411bb5ab279c6b7a923.jpgLeatt neck brace

The Leatt-Brace is a neck brace designed to help reduce neck injuries in helmeted sports, including Supercross, motocross, enduro, roadracing, downhill-type mountain biking, BMX, ATV, street riding, karting, and snowmobiling.

The Leatt neck brace is the best selling brace in the world. It sells on the internet for $305 - $359 on Revizilla.com and $369 on Amazon.com.

The Handicap Foundation is selling this neck brace for $80. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.


114263871_chestprotector.jpg.b0feb682e9b1633af7b57bd8eca28373.jpgLeatt Premium Hard Shell Chest Protector with 3DF AirFit Impact Foam  

The 4.5 Chest Protector is CE tested and certified as impact protection for the chest, back and flank areas. It sports a 3D multi-layer and multi-plate articulating design that ensures a good, comfortable fit. What makes it so effective as a chest protector is the use of 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam. Even though it conforms to your body’s shape, it absorbs energy upon impact. The hard shell areas are made of made of high density poly ethylene (HDPE) for high impact or stone deflection.

Sells for $139.99 new. The Handicap Foundation is selling this chest protector for $50. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.

These two items are designed to be worn together. Purchase both for $120. Email pjbarrett@aol.com

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