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Sentence of 21 Years for Two Minors for Murder and Theft in Chiriqui

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Confirm Sentence of 21 years for two Minors for murder and theft to entrepreneur in Chiriqui

The Public Ministry in the province of Chiriqui, achieving a higher court of Childhood and Adolescence will confirm the penalty of 21 years in prison for two teenagers of 15 and 17, for the crime and theft of the businessman Jorge Nodier Espinoza Castle (Q.E.P.D), who lost his life, for the date of 17 September 2015, when three people entered with gun in hand to his business premises, located in the city of David.

The judgment issued on 25 September 2017 to check the Prosecutor of Adolescents Jhony Towers, by means of elements of conviction and evidence the responsibility of both young people with the commission of the crime, which were condemned as criminally responsible for the acts.

Despite having handed down judgment of guilt the defense of both persons filed an appeal, by which the case should be elevated to a higher court, to decide on the matter, specifically with regard to the amount of years that had been imposed.

Both were imposed the following sentence; 12 years for the crime of aggravated homicide, 6 years for the crime of attempted homicide; 3 for the crime of theft.

For this crime was also convicted in another hearing to 30 years in prison the citizen Christopher Aaron Tejada, of 20 years.


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