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A Look Inside 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective (Collector's Edition)

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5acaab2573c20_Doonesbury1.jpg.fb5067564b6f2747a1344510379ffdda.jpg5acaab2de7c51_Doonesbury2.jpg.a52f6eb239517c323fcb42b7f9e7e282.jpgThis is a huge book  (695 large pages) with every Doonesbury cartoon ever printed -- many in color. .

Created by the team that brought you The Complete Far Side and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, this massive-yet-elegant celebratory anthology marks Doonesbury's 40th anniversary by examining in depth the characters that have given the strip such vitality.

On October 26, 1970, college jock B.D. met his inept and geeky roommate, Mike. Fourteen thousand strips later, the world of Doonesbury has grown uniquely vast, sustained by an intricately woven web of relationships--over 40 major characters spanning three generations. This book opens with an in-depth essay in which G. B. Trudeau surveys his sprawling creation as only he could. The volume's 1,800 beautifully displayed strips chronicle the key adventures and path crossings of the ever-evolving cast, from ur-characters such as Zonker, Joanie, Duke, and Honey, to relative newcomers such as Zipper, Alex, and Toggle. Dropped in throughout are 18 detailed essays in which Trudeau contemplates individual characters and groups of characters.

The book's literal centerpiece is a four-page foldout that maps in annotated detail the mind-boggling matrix of relationships. A feast of storytelling and a clarifying overview, 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective offers a unique way to experience one of the greatest comic strips ever.

The book is in new condition. What a great gift this would make for someone. This book sells used on Amazon for $45.99 and for $76.97 at Barnes & Noble. The Handicap Foundation will sell this perfect coffee table book for $35. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase..


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