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Fishermen in Chiriqui hold a Holy Week Seafood Fair

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Artesan Fishermen in Chiriqui hold a Holy Week Seafood Fair


About 30 artesanal fishermen of the corregimiento of Pedregal in the district of David, Chiriqui province decided to organize themselves and sell products directly to consumers, to benefit from the low prices through the Seafood Fair of Holy Week, which takes place from wednesday and extends to the next Holy Saturday.

The fishermen were placed tents along the main road that leads to the Pedregal with the principle of being able to deliver the products directly to the consumer and avoid that intermediaries play with prices.

Daided Meléndez, spokeswoman for artisanal fishermen, who took the initiative to make the fair, with the aim of being able to sell the great variety of products at very affordable prices to people without any intermediary, allowing to offer better prices to consumers.

Melendez said that in the stalls there is a great variety of sea products including snapper, shuffling, black shell, shrimp, shrimp and lobster, which allows the consumer to have options when making purchases.

She claims that the price of fish ranges from 2.00 dollars per pound, depending on the type of fish and the size; in addition to the sale of shrimps and prawns which are also highly sought after during the Holy Week.

She said that the fair will continue until the Saturday of Glory to consumers can acquire the products during this date when the consumption of fish and other marine products increases.


Lorraine Vega, who attended the fair to make the purchase of fish, said the initiative is welcome, since the prices of seafood are much lower than in other businesses and at these points of sale you can choose and find the product you are looking for.

She says that in the city of David urges the construction of a seafood market where producers can have their stalls on a permanent basis and where consumers can attend.

She added that while the stalls are at the edge of the main road of the corregimiento of Pedregal, it is expected that the authorities of the Ministry of Health and Police support them in terms of security.

The Mayor of the district of David, Francisco Vigil and the representative of Pedregal, David Vega ensures that this activity has a municipal support and community board, since it represents an alternative for fishermen to sell their products and achieve their income directly.



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