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How to get from Tocuman to Albrook (or elsewhere downtown) for $1.25

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Travel Hack: How To Pay Only $1.25 Getting To And From Panama Airport

on January 5, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Typically a trip to Panama’s Tocumen International Airport means finding a REALLY nice friend to drive or shelling out $25 for a cab ride there. But if you want to save a ton of money you can try this “travel hack” by using the Metro Bus to get to the Panama airport and pay only $1.25. Here’s what you have to do:

From the airport to Panama City

Step 1: Exit the airport and head to the right

Walk to the right

Walk towards Restaurante Selles.

Step 2: Enter the hallway next to the restaurant

Walk through entrance

The airport has installed ZERO signs that say this leads to the pedestrian walkway going to the main road. At first, it will look like you are entering somewhere that you are not supposed to but this is the correct way.

Continue in the hallway

Continue through the back hallway and outside.

Continue through the walkway

Step 3: Cross the street

Cross the street

Once you reach the end of the walkway, you need to cross the street to get to the bus stop with busses heading back to Panama City.

Step 4: Get on the Tocumen-Corredor Sur bus

They DO NOT sell Metro Bus cards at the airport. If you are a tourist trying to use the bus you will need to kindly ask someone if you can pay them a $1.25 to swipe you through with their card. Wait for the Tocumen-Corredor Sur bus to arrive and DO NOT get on any of the ones that say Via España because it will take forever to get back to the city. Alternatively, you can get onto one of the large white buses that say Tocumen on them, and these accept cash. Once you are on the bus, you can get dropped off anywhere on Avenida Balboa or take the bus all the way to the Albrook terminal and transfer to another bus or hop on the Metro.

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