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Mountain Bike - Specialized Epic Comp -- New Condition-- SOLD


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Mountain Bike - Specialized Epic Comp
For riding the backwoods trails or just getting around on the mean streets of today's Boquete, this is the perfect mountain bike for a serious rider. A high end competitive trail bike, this Specialized Epic Comp sold for $1800 new. It is in virtually new condition, recently upgraded and includes many important extras (worth 100's of dollars) including on and off-road tires. Never crashed or damaged.  
-  Aluminum  25" frame for tall riders
- Patented Specialized swing arm
- Triple front sprocket great for hills
- Designed for serious off-road or on-road riding
- Shimano hardware in perfect working condition
- Disk brakes
- Fox shocks
- Clip-on pedals can be easily converted to standard pedals
- Custom metal folding bike stand
- Off road and new on-road tires
- Riser handlebar with end grips
- Bluetooth speedometer/cadence sender
- XXL high end riding gloves
- Large Gyro helmet with Go-Pro mount
- Rocket seat
- Water bottle/pump
- On-road tool/tire kit
- iPhone mount for iPhone 4s
- Extra seat
- Two air pumps
- Special purpose shock pump
- Locking cable
- Valve stem adapters
- Brake bleeding kit
- Owners manual
For sale by the Handicap Foundation for $500. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
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