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Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Netbook (Notebook) -- SOLD

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5ab2419bedf17_Dell1.jpg.4f8770f4fb4cd2fa0665ab0a9898bc57.jpg5ab241ec91ec6_Dell2.jpg.e02bc0488d8da2c36de8bd5ce7d8c24c.jpgThis is a very cute little computer in excellent condition and with a stylish red case. Small and compact for easy portability (10.5" long x 7'8" wide x 1.3" tall) and only 3 lbs.

Great for travel or school.

10" Screen with Webcam (good for Skype)
Windows 7 Ultimate  (English or Español)
Intel Atom N450 1.66  ghz dual core processor
250 GB Hard Drive, 2GB RAM, 3 USB2 ports, 
High Definition Audio
Good Battery ( 6-cell lithium ion )
Totally checked and reconditioned and guaranteed by the Handicap Foundation. Sells for $110 - $200 plus shipping on Amazon.com. We're offering this cute little computer for $110. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
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