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Where to buy cattle wire/hog fence

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Hi Jay,

We just did this for our back yard. We bought 4 foot high wire, on a 100 foot roll at Ivan. They will cut what you need. We used 5 foot 1/2 inch rebar that they will cut to size for you as well for the post. We fenced in our yard 90 x 66 spacing the 5 foot rebar every 4 feet and wire tied it up.

No more escaped dogs and cost less then $180.


Hope this helps.

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In case you don't know where S/M Ivan is located, it is in Alto Boquete, on the same side of the road as where Curvas Bonita used to be - on your left as you are going south toward David. It is a very large super mercado (S/M), white building, a bit further down the road toward David from the ex-Curvas Bonita facility.

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Thanks TwoSailers for the nice response.  But I was there two days ago and "no hay". Its not chicken wire i want . See pic. Its for around my terrace too so i want it to look nice and heavier guage so it doesnt bend out of shape. Im sorry i wasnt clearer. If that is what you got maybe i talked to the wrong person. Any other suggestions? Thanks


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