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While I can not help you with digitizing the tapes, I would encourage you to save them in a digital format that is easily transferable.   DVD and CD are going the way of the dinosaur in the tech world.   I believe it would be a waste if you only put them in that format.   Keep them in digital format and have multiple copies in various backups.   That is the best strategy currently.

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1 hour ago, Info Seeker said:

I have some old home movies on Beta tapes that I would love to save onto a D.V.D. format or onto a thumb drive. Can anyone help me with this?

 I got the same problem.  I have a couple of tapes that I wanted to pass them to an electronic format and save them in my computer, hard drive and a CD.   I received a flyer some months ago of a company in PC that was giving that service and I dont know where I placed it.   I will look at the yellow pages to see if I could find them.



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