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One of the coolest but most dangerous places to visit around here are the falls and pools at the gorge by Rio Macho de Monte near Cuesta de Piedra.

Drowning at Rio Macho de Monte



Sergey Ángel Enrique Vargas, of 19 years, died in the waters of the Rio Macho de Monte near Cuesta de Piedra, in the district of Highlands in the province of Chiriqui, yesterday afternoon.

Angel was with his family and friends enjoying the river, when he suddenly disappeared. A subsequent search found him submerged in the waters of the river.

The Fire Department and the National System of Civil Protection (SINAPROC) attended, who, when they arrived on the scene found the young man without vital signs.

Benjamin Gonzalez, captain of the Bomberos of Bugaba, made an appeal to the population, since it has been issued an alert for the prevention and requested the population to avoid visiting rivers, but people ignore.

To the scene moved forensic experts from the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, who, in conjunction with the DIJ and the Public Ministry, lifted the corpse of the young and ordered his transfer to the judicial morgue.

With this death there have now been three victims by drowning already in the year 2018 in the province of Chiriqui, authorities said.


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