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7 hours ago, MarieElaine said:

Maybe you should also consider a veggie burger for those who do not eat meat Leslie.  While I do not eat red meat, I have to admit your pics look extra yummy!

Yes!!   I want a veggie burger too.  A spicy black bean one!   The meat ones do look great, and nothing is better than a veggie burger that's been grilled on the same grill as real meat!!


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I have been attempting to perfect a veggie burger recipe.  I am super picky so I won't put it out until I KNOW its good....I will keep you posted.  We do have an awesome veggie wrap....at least that's what our feedback has been AND on GIANT burrito special day, we can make them veggie with spicy black beans...well everything except the beef or chicken AND I have made a Paleo one for a very sweet lady that comes in.

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