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How To Register For A Chiriqui.Life Account

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What To Know and Do Before Starting the Registration Process

There is no charge for requesting, having, or using an account on this website.

There are three documents that comprise the governance for this website. We strongly urge you to read those three documents because registration with or use of this website implies your understanding and concurrence with all provisions, conditions, and rules stated therein. If you are unable or unwilling to commit to complying with those three documents, then do not initiate the registration process. Those three documents are:

  1. the Site Guidelines,
  2. the Terms and Rules, and
  3. the Privacy Policy.


What Information is Required In Order to Start the Registration Process?

If you wish to register for an account on CL, then you first need to have three pieces of information:

  1. a valid email address (which will be validated by the server),
  2. your “real name” (see the next section about names); all valid keyboard characters are acceptable, and
  3. your desired “Display Name” (see the next section about names); your Display Name can be whatever you wish it to be, providing that your chosen Display Name has not already been used. Your Display Name might be full real name, a nickname, your first name, a phrase that “defines” you (e.g., “Photo Pro”, “Pet Lover”, “Fisherman Par Excellence”, “Poet”, “Boquete Retiree”, “Bird Aficionado”, etc.), etc. Display Names must have a minimum of three (3) characters and a maximum of sixty (60) characters; only lower and upper case alphanumeric characters, space characters, a hyphen (“-”), and underscore (“_”) characters are permitted (no special characters such as periods, dollar signs, tildes, ampersands, etc.).


How To Initiate the Registration Process

The registration procedure is initiated by clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right area of the home page.

Sign Up link.png


What Happens During the Registration Process?

During the registration process you will be asked for several pieces of information. As mentioned previously, you will need to provide a valid email address,  your preferred Display Name, and you must provide your real name. There are three other bits of information that will be requested, specifically:

  1. the reason for wanting to register on CL (a short list of basic reasons are provided in a “radio button” style response),
  2. the location of your residency (a short list of regions are provided in a “radio button” style response), and
  3. the country that you claim as your “birth country” or “country of affiliation” (an optional, fill-in-the-blank type field).

Registration for a new login ID (called a “Display Name”) involves three steps.

  1. Step one is where you provide the basic personal information discussed above.
  2. Step two is the validation of your email address. All that means is that the server will send an email to the address that you specified, and you must respond to that email.
  3. Step three is a manual review of your registration information by the CL management. Be advised that “bad guys” and computer robots (“bots”) now routinely attack websites, and so the owners of CL have elected to have a second (manual) review step. During step three, the management of this website will then review your information and check public databases against known spammers, and blocked or hostile IP addresses, etc. Once your registration request has been reviewed then you will receive another email confirming (or rejecting) your registration.

This three step process, specifically referring to step three, may take as much as 48 hours. Until your registration is completely finished, you will not be allowed to post any content, but you will be able to update your profile with additional information such as your avatar/gravatar, cover photo, personal interests, signature block, etc., as well as read most but not all of the content on the website.


More About Names -- the “Real Name” and the “Display Name”

Be advised that anonymous postings are not permitted on CL. If for some reason you prefer not to have your real name made public, then you should not initiate the registration process.

One data field in each member profile that must be completed during registration process is the member's real name. For a person, a real name consists minimally of a first name and a last name, and should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life; for a business, club, or group, the real name means the public name by which that entity is known, plus the real name of a management level person for that entity. Without a valid real first and last name, a registration request will be either delayed or rejected.

Your postings will be identified by your Display Name. The Display Name is the name that you provided when you created your account. You may log into this website using either your Display Name or the email address that you provided during the registration process.

Going further on the real name topic, your Display Name (login ID) is how you will be identified in your postings. However, other users can look at your profile and see who you really are. We are taking an approach very similar to Facebook; in Facebook you post under your real name (Facebook calls it an “authentic name”). For Chiriqui Life, you will post using your Display Name, but users will be able to see your real name in your profile.

If there is reason to question your asserted real name, Chiriqui.Life retains the right to request written documentation from you to validate your asserted real name. We trust that you can appreciate this approach to avoiding anonymity as a way to dramatically reduce abuse and negativity on a public information resource such as Chiriqui.Life. We start out assuming you to be honorable and will question your identity only when necessary because of some untoward action or posting on your part.


What Next?

As a closing thought, you might want to read: Welcome Aboard - What Chiriqui.Life Is and Can Do, How To Use It, and The Rules.

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