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Site Guidelines for the Use of Chiriqui Life

Chiriqui Life is a community information resource that is provided by Oswego LLC OÜ, which is an LLC chartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The purpose of Chiriqui Life is to be an information sharing portal focusing on life in the Chiriqui Province of the Republic of Panama.

In order to create the best possible experience for everyone, we require that you abide by the following two guidelines. By using our service you assert that you have read, understand, and agree to follow all of these Site Guidelines (as well as the Terms & Rules), as follows:

  1. Respect Others
    1. Do not harass, abuse, attack, vilify, or threaten anyone. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject and not to the person.
    2. Do not use hate speech. Hate speech is unacceptable. Chiriqui Life reserves the right to take appropriate action at its sole discretion against any account posting content contrary to this guideline.
    3. Do not engage in libelous or slanderous activity.
    4. Respect the content, the context, and the participants of the online areas that you visit and in which you post.
    5. Do not impersonate any person, business, or other entity. Doing so in an attempt to deceive, harass, or otherwise mislead anyone is forbidden.
  2. Know and Abide by the Law and Respect Community Standards
    1. Chiriqui Life has zero tolerance for illegal activity on the service. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the law, without exception, specifically including Panamanian libel and slander laws.
    2. Users of this website may come from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds with differing social customs, languages, and cultural sensitivities. It is your obligation to make yourself aware of those customs and sensitivities and not offend others.

Chiriqui Life provides an easy way to report suspected illegal or unacceptable activity. Use the "Report Post" link that is located at the top left of each post body.

Users of this website should also review CL's Privacy Policy.

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