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Who can educate me about rooting a phone; the "why," "how to," and what to do afterward?

I have a Hyundai smart phone. There is practically no information on the internet about this brand. All sorts of ads pop up wanting me to install different junk. Also, even though I check "do not allow installation of apps from unknown sources," the phone changes itself back to "allow." 

I've done a "backup and reset" twice but that didn't help. I have developer options enabled but most of it is Greek to me. But interesting within developer options/Process Stats is com.robincleaner.lite.monitor. "Robin Cleaner" installed itself this morning and I uninstalled it. It is reported to use 46% (of what I don't know). There is a "force stop" there, but it is grayed out.

I assume this crap is pre-loaded in the operating system and that rooting the phone would allow me to get into the operating system--kinda like accessing the Registry in a PC--but I wouldn't know what to do from there. Are there any smart phone gurus who can help me? Thanks!


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