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Quick Shine Carwash (in David) - A Pleasant Discovery

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Marcelyn and I discovered the Quick Shine Car Wash (QS) in David earlier this week based on the recommendation of a friend. If you are in David and need a car wash, then we recommend QS.

Location: QS is in David on the Pan American Hwy directly across the hwy from the Colegio San Agustin, and across the street from Parroquia Del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Church. That location is a bit (maybe half a kilometer) southwest of where McDonald's is located.

Description: QS is an automated car wash for the most part. The appearance is that of a tent, rather than a building.

Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, 8:00AM to 6:30PM.

Don't get in a hurry. The staff was not slow moving, but rather thorough and meticulous about things like the vacuuming of the vehicle. I don't think the inside of our car has ever been so clean.

Here is a picture of their fees, but given that it was slightly rainy the prices are not easy to read. Our car wash cost $15.00, having picked "program 4".



2017-11-21 16.29.43.jpg

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46 minutes ago, Bonnie said:

Is there a comfortable waiting area? What do you estimate the time to have been?

Yes, there is an air conditioned waiting room with a TV (not a channel that was of interest to us) and free WiFi. There might have been a soft drink machine as well, but I am not sure.

Assuming that there is not a queue, a typical complete cycle should be about 45 minutes based on our experience. We were there when there was only one other vehicle, and so on a bright sun shiny mid-day scenario, the wait time could easily be more than an hour. I believe one of the "programs" (perhaps "packages" would be a better term) is NOT to include cleaning of the inside of the car, which means that the waiting time could be considerably less.

BTW, there was a sign that they also do detailing, but we have no information about that service.

Here is a better picture of the facility (as seen from the side street where customers enter).


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39 minutes ago, TwoSailors said:

We have an extremely reliable and honest young man that comes to our house and cleans our car. Abraham Quintero. Does a lot of other work as well. His card and price list are attached. Whats app is the best way to get a hold of him. Limited English.


Car Wash copy.pdf

Thanks for this information. A local guy with a good recommendation is grounds to give him a try. And then possibly from his business card we see that he could also power clean our driveway.

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