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Attempted Armed Robbery in David sends 5 to Hospital

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Update on this alarming event which occurred right in crowded downtown David during rush hour. Its a wonder that there were no innocent bystanders among the injured.

It's being reported that the same crew are responsible for an earlier robbery at a Dance studio.





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The minors involved in this case were dealt with yesterday in Juvenile court and were remanded in custody for six months for the criminal investigation. A 26-year old has already been remanded in custody.

Investigation Legalized in  Court Hearing

In a hearing before a judge, the Public Prosecutor's Office requested formalize investigation against two children under 16 years for their alleged links with the aggravated robbery in prejudice of four vendors of chances.

The Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Chiriqui, Jhony Torres introduced the elements of conviction with which there are at this moment within the investigation, which was endorsed by the judge at the time of issuing the precautionary measure of detention imposed on each one of the teenagers, as well as the legalization of the arrest and the charges for the crime of aggravated robbery.

The first hearing was held last Friday and the second on Saturday, as the latter linked was hospitalized due to impact of bullet wounds.

The fact investigated in this criminal case was the last 24 October in Plaza Ecko, located in the main commercial artery of the city of David, at about 7:30 in the evening, when four people with firearm by means of threats intimidation manage to steal money and personal items to the victims.

The product of the situation were injured four people under the age of two, who supposedly are linked with the aggressors and two adult victims of it.

On the part of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, adolescents are expected to file with the Court of the jurisdiction of minors a person over which he or she is being held under medical supervision in a hospital setting.

B. Caballero

http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/audiencia-control-legalizan-investigacion/    freetranslation

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