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Driving into Costa Rica from Boquete

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What is the process of driving into Costa Rica in our own car to stay one week in Dominical the week after Christmas?  We will need to purchase insurance in Costa Rica, at the border yes? but how do we locate that "office"?   Thanks!

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Assuming that you OWN the vehicle and currently have automobile insurance .... all you need to do is notify your insurance company - your vehicle will be insured in Costa Rica - no need to purchase any additional insurance. 

Now, regarding all the other required paperwork to take YOUR vehicle across the border, I recommend that you contact Irma Castillo at "Keep It Simple Panama" (KISP) at 730-5263 or 730-5960 .... keepitsimplepanama@gmail.com ---- she speaks both Spanish and English and can assist you with all of the required paperwork to cross the border with your vehicle.

As a note .... you cannot take a rental vehicle across the border.

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I suggest using Yoel to help you get over the border.

Yes it will cost you a few bucks, but it will be easy,

he helps on both sides the Panama check you out one and the Costa rica check you in one

his phone is  660 981-03 and he speaks english and spanish.

he will tell you which docs to bring, and how many copies and which docs have to be originals. (think pink slip)

As to Insurance, of course you have insurance, and goes what at the costa rica border they will make you buy costa Rican insurance

I think around $30 for one month -- that is the minimum--.

Yoel will help you out.

that would be my advice, and I have done this border 3 times in 9 years Having Yoel with you just makes life easier.

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