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Lessons in Social Responsibility Sponsored by Banco Hipotecario

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More than 500 students from the 'Felix Olivares', 'Pablo Emilio Corsen', 'Morazán', and 'Beatriz Miranda of Cabal' High Schools in the province of Chiriqui, participated in the discussion "Pablo Escobar, a History Not to Repeat", which was moderated by Sebastian Marroquin, the son of Pablo Escobar Gaviria.

The conversation took place in the Galo Alvarez Gymnasium, as part of the Social Responsibility Programs of the National Banco Hipotecario (Mortgage Bank), which are intended to strengthen the relationship with the community through educational, cultural and sporting activities.

The general manager of the Banco Hipotecario, Ramon Hernandez, highlighted the importance of strengthening the channels of communication within the family; that our young people are oriented and guided, as well as tocontinue participating in cultural and sporting activities that will enable them to develop and grow as people.

"Our young people are the future of the country and that is why we as a society need to provide them with the necessary tools so that together we are building a prosperous country with equal conditions and opportunities for all" said Hernández.

Marroquín related to the audience his background, anecdotes and experiences, being the son of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, considered one of the most powerful drug traffickers of Latin America during the 1980s and 90s.

He spoke to those present about the importance of making good choices in life and how these issues can influence in a positive manner the personal and professional growth of each individual.

Concerning what is the formula to avoid so much violence in the world, Marroquín emphasized to the students that they should never abandon their love and respect for parents under any circumstances, and that is the first ingredient that allows people to not be violent in the present and the future.


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