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Audio Tracks of the 2011 Boquete Jazz Festival


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What is currently known as the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival was called the Boquete Jazz Festival in 2011. The 2011 festival was held on February 24-27, 2011, with most events at the BCP Theater.

Most performances of the 2011 Boquete Jazz Festival were recorded by Boquete Recording Studio (BRS). The audio tracks for the 2011 BJF are available online via the BRS account on SoundCloud. Those audio tracks* are provided here as hot links. When you click on the below links, if the track does not immediately start to play, then click on the orange circular dot with a white triangle that is located in the upper left of the dialog, just left of the name.


Ibrahim Merel Jazz Quartet

Spicy Latin Jazz Quartet

Carlos Garnett Jazz Quartet

Carlos Ubarte Jazz Quartet

Pat Belliveau Jazz Quartet with guest Jon Day

*Note that not all audio tracks are available for public use on the BRS account at SoundCloud. The reason for that is that there are some copyright issues that prevent public use without written permission and/or royalties. What is shown above are available to the public without constraint.

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