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Greatly improved IPTV system

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After a year of trying different boxes and different IPTV providers, I finally have a combination that is excellent.  I want to share this information, because many people became discouraged with IPTV.  Give it another try, because this system rarely freezes, has great picture quality (true HD), and has a playback feature in case you miss a show.  You can also use apps such as Kodi.  You get live streaming of all the U.S. and Canadian channels, plus UK and other European channels and others worldwide.  Since Cable Onda is providing such high speed now, it supports IPTV very well.

The box is a Dreamlink T1 Plus, available from Amazon.  The IPTV provider is one Carlos de Campo found after much searching.  This provider has a tech he can reach immediately if there is a problem, and the tech is very responsive about making fixes.  Fortunately there are very few problems with this one.  The cost is $12.50 per month if you purchase a one year subscription.  I don't make money on this.  I just want to spread the word.  The Dreamlink has to have a direct ethernet connection to work properly.  My  modem was in a room far from the TV, so I got Cable Onda to move it.  Very simple.

If you want any technical details, please contact Carlos at Carlos_DeCampos@hotmail.com or send me a private message. 

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