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Abuelos Abandonados ..Abandoned Old Men in Chiriqui

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Normally we think of Panama and Latin America in general as a place where family looks after their own so this is a sad story.

Abandoned Old Men in Chiriqui


The districts of David, Bugaba and Baru recorded the highest number of cases. Until July 222 cases of abandoned grandparents have been detected


So far this year more than 200 older adults have been abandoned in the province of Chiriqui, which has alarmed the authorities.

Statistics up to the month of July of the Center for Guidance and Comprehensive Care (COAI) of the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), in the province of Chiriqui, reported 222 cases of abandonment, 236 of abuse and 254 of neglect.

Precisely, in the month of July, there was an increase of 81 cases of abandonment, 104 of abuse and 110 of neglect.

Anayansi Díaz, regional director of MIDES, said she will convene a meeting with all local authorities from the Governor of Chiriqui, Hugo Mendez, down to the corregidores.

This is in order to take the necessary measures to the maximum extent permitted by law, it is not possible that there are many irresponsible family members engaging in these practices with their grandparents and then not take corrective measures in this regard.

'We know that there are elderly people who do not have a family because in their youth did not marry, but there are many who do have family and are in the same situation', she lamented.

Maria Liriola Garibaldo, specialist in Family Matters of the COAI, pointed out that the Ministry shall comply with article 569 of the Family Code which provides that the State shall ensure the protection of children, young people and older people, providing a physical and mental development that ensures its stability.






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