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Eduardo Jaén (Former Head of the National Authority for Government Innovation [AIG]) Facing Bribery Charges

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Court nixes bribery case dismissal

Posted on August 11, 2016 in Panama

Eduardo Jaen
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A MOTION for dismissal of a bribery investigation   into the former head of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) Eduardo Jaen has been rejected.

The investigation of Eduard Jaen by the 6th Anti-corruption prosecutor, is related to the alleged payment of bribes for the installation in the Social Security Fund (CSS) of a computer program by  the German multinational SAP during the previous administration.

Judge Alina Hubiedo denied the appeal filed by the defense of Jaen, whom the prosecution orered arrested on  April 11.

Among the evidence allegedly linking Jaen to the illicit deal is a note of Multibank, which mentioned an account of Jaen which received “large sums of money” from the company Great Falls Investment Corp., a company through which alleged bribes were handled.

Other high profile Martinelli era administration figures are also under investigation by the FBI and local investigators.


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Innovation boss confesses to bribes in brown envelopes

Posted on August 27, 2016 in Panama

Eduardo Jaen
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PANAMA’S FORMER director of Government Innovation  Director, Eduardo Jaén, has confessed to accepting  a $120,000 bribe delivered in csh in bown envelopes

He old  told prosecutors that he received the payment from the German multinational SAP, which was awarded a $14.5 million contract to install software for the Social Security System (CSS)

Jaen, who has been in detention since April, said that the now deceased businessman Carlos Bissot proposed the payment so that the deal would receive a favorable recommendation from his agency, a requirement for  the purchase of software above $50,000.

In his statement, Jaén said that Bissot offered to make the cash payments in two parts, and it  was delivered in manila envelopes in August and September 2010.

There are 14 others charged in the case, including former Social Security Director Guillermo Sáez Llorens.

Aaron Ronny Mizrachi, brother-in-law of former President Ricardo Martinell is also wanted on charges related to the case.

He fed the country on Martinelli’s private jet, and prosecutors have issued an Interpol  red alert for his capture

The  regional SAP director at the time was convicted and jailed in the US. During his trial he implicated Martinelli in the arrangement.


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