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Terra Restaurante & Pizzeria (in David)

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On a recent run to David, we stopped by the Terra Restaurante & Pizzeria based on a very strong recommendation of a close friend. We arrived at the restaurant about 2:00PM, so we were not sure what would happen. We were greeted with a big smile by one of the staff as he was opening the door for us. Service was very attentive, ambience was warm and friendly. The menu was mostly Italian type dishes, but not totally Italian. As we completed ordering our drinks and starting to look over the menu, the waiter was trying to tell us something but my Spanglish was simply not up to the task. And so he retrieved his smartphone and keyed in a short sentence in Spanish, which was then translated by the smartphone. The message was: If, for any reason, you are not pleased with the food or the service, then there is no charge. That was a very nice way to start our dining experience at Terra, and a first for us here in Panama.

We ended up ordering chicken cordon bleu, which was very tasty, and with a nice presentation. A side dish was included, and we opted for a green salad.

The restaurant accepts credit cards. We did not ask for a jubilado discount. Price was moderate, but worth it to our way of thinking given the service and the food.

We definitely plan to return.

Terra is located fairly close to the newer McDonalds (the one located on the curve in the InterAmerican Hwy). Terra is very easy to get to, as it is to the right on the Boquete/David route, just before going over the overpass on the InterAmerican Hwy. It is obviously a home that has been converted, and all parking was off-street, behind a fence that encircles the restaurant.

Here is a scan of their business card:

  59ac15263c8dd_TerraRestaurante_Page_2.thumb.jpg.389cccc992e924a93e1f13d7fbd5574c.jpg        59ac152969e94_TerraRestaurante_Page_1.thumb.jpg.bbf992a2a95bdbc00ee8cc2ecb224f6b.jpg

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