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Noticed this announcement somewhere else yesterday for The Food Fairy.  It was posted by Nadine Wilson, so I'm guessing she's it.

Good Morning Everyone! This is Food Fairy's first Menu.

We will be posting new menus every 14 days, to keep things fresh and exciting! If you have any special requests or requirements please let us know!

Orders are open from today for delivery on Friday between 5:30PM - 6:30PM.

Orders Via Email or Whatsapp
nadine1921@icloud.com or +507 6443 8184



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32 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

I didn't see it on the referenced Facebook page, but I'll take your word for it. Depending on the size of the dish, this could be a good deal or a bad deal. I know most couples share a meal from Dos Hombres, for example. It's nice to have more than one service like this. For those living alone in particular, cooking can be an unfulfilling chore.

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I see now that it only refers to soup size, doesn't actually answer the question about entree portions.
Hi! How many people will one entree feed? Soup, size, please. Thanks!
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Nadine Catherine Wilson
Nadine Catherine Wilson Hi Kim, the soups are individually portioned per person.
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