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Nearly 170 Companies Participate in Business Forum in Chiriqui, Panama

Keith Woolford

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Nearly 170 Companies Participate in Business Forum in Chiriqui, Panama

Miércoles, 23 de Agosto del 2017 | Escrito por - ACAN-EFE


Almost 170 companies from Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, China and Costa Rica, as well as Panamanian, from today are participating at a business forum in the province of Chiriqui, west Panama, with the expectation of generating $20 million during the three days of business appointments.

The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CAMCHI), and brings together representatives of 169 companies that have booked some 1,500 business appointments.

In this business wheel the main demand is for agricultural products such as grains, fresh fruits and pulp, raw materials and agricultural inputs, as well as processed foods like flour, sugar, chocolate, liquor and dried fruit.

"There's a lot of expectations on the part of entrepreneurs and we hope to surpass the figures achieved in the previous year. We have products of agro-industry, consumption, fruits and the companies also come to promote their products," said the director of the Commission of Business Negocios-Rueda, Danelo Arauz.

The fourth version of the Business Achievement had transactions of between 12 and 15 million dollars. In the 2017 version of this, with the participation of 34 foreign companies, it is expected that the figure will increase to 20 million dollars.

"This year there are 15 entrepreneurs in the region south of Costa Rica that are with the intention of doing business and is the fifth time involved because there is a greater trade relations between Costa Rican and Panamanian entrepreneurs", said the general manager of the National Agency for Exports of Costa Rica, Pedro Beirute.



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