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Hi Bud & Marcelyn,

I assume you look at the IP addresses of people applying for new membership in CL.  There are several IP addresses in Western Africa (Namibia, Angola, Chad and, of course, Nigeria, as well as others) which should automatically be denied membership.  I used to have a list of those IP addresses (used to screen applicants to another site), but no longer.  IMO, there is no reason to give anyone from those locations the ''benefit of the doubt.''

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I am reluctant to give details about the procedure used during the registration validation process (at least not in a public forum). I will say that IP addresses are part of the internal procedure used. The IP address used for that registration was not on any of the published spam operations lists.

Going only a bit further, we have an online "Watch List" that is used for suspect memberships, and it is turning out to be very effective. That particular member was on the Watch List from the get-go.

We appreciate your interest and assistance in this matter.

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