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How Does the Upcoming Events Display Work?



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A question from a CL member was received via private message. Her question was about how to take advantage of the upcoming events part of CL so that community groups and organizations can coordinate their activities. She also wants to know how to see more than just a couple of entries of upcoming events on the homepage.

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To answer this question really requires understanding the calendar channel on CL. The upcoming events display is simply an extract from the calendar events. This Q&A is not intended to teach you how to place an event on the calendar; we are talking here only about how the calendar and the upcoming events display interact.

First the Calendar in Overview

The calendar is one of the "channels" of information in this website. It is accessed by clicking on the Calendar sub-tab when displaying the Browse options (see top left of the window). An entry in the calendar is called an event, and events must have a start date and a title (and optionally an end date that is different from the start date, and optionally a start time and end time). The calendar channel is where members can review all events. Normally the calendar display shows one month at a time. The current month is the first display.

When you click on the calendar, the display defaults to showing all events for the current month. You can change the display for week, day or event stream by clicking on the appropriate button just below the name of the month at the top center of the calendar display.

You can look at prior/future months by clicking on the "PREV MONTH" or "NEXT MONTH" buttons located at the top of the calendar on the left or right side.

Note that the calendar channel on CL is configured with three discrete calendars:

  1. Community Calendar - events display in sapphire blue
  2. Panama National Holidays - events display in dark brown (reserved primarily for administrators)
  3. Crime Reports Calendar - events display in dark green (reserved primarily for administrators and those involved in security activities)

Almost all calendar events will be placed (and should be placed) on the Community Calendar.

Now For the Upcoming Events Display

The upcoming events display box is nothing more than an extract of events from the Community Calendar and the Panama National Holidays calendar. The upcoming events display is shown in three places on CL:

  1. the forums index page
  2. the blogs homepage
  3. the activity stream

Part of the question posed was how to see more events in the current events display box. The upcoming events display box is currently configured to show upcoming events during the next seven calendar days or a maximum of ten (10) events, whichever occurs first. We might expand those configuration limits, but also need to be mindful of people using tablets and mobile devices because of their smaller display screens. Thus, if you wish to see a more complete event list (actually the entire event list), then you should shift from the upcoming events box to the full calendar view for the month(s) that you are interested in.

How to Use Upcoming Events and the Calendar to Best Advantage

If you are associated with a club or group, and wish to plan and schedule an event, we recommend that you first look at the calendar for the month of your event, not the upcoming events display box. If you see something already planned for that date, you might want to reconsider your scheduling. If you don't see anything else for that date, then you probably also want to check other sources of information, such as other websites or emails that are distributed by various organizations and services.

As a service to our members to assist in researching other events, CL has several archived "news feeds" of information distributed by:

There are countless other sources of information, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as other local, regional, national, and global  websites.

Once you have picked a date, then enter your event on the Community Calendar so that others won't trample over your event.

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