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TV Chiriquí

This forum is used principally by TV Chiriquí to post links to their audio/video clips.

The mission of TV Chiriquí is to provide high-quality informational and educational video productions of common interest to the Chiriqui Province. TV Chiriquí is a work in process. The studio is located in Alto Boquete and is available to the mayor of Boquete and other elected officials in order to provide vital and relevant information to their constituents and the community at large. TV Chiriquí video productions are created inside the TV Chiriquí studio and on location, as needed.

The intellectual property of TV Chiriquí includes all productions created for TV Chiriquí by its volunteers. These include digital videos, still images, written text, and audio narratives. These productions will be published on social media websites. Additional translations or detailed summaries published in social media must be authorized and approved by TV Chiriquí. TV Chiriquí disclaims any and all responsibility and liability thereof for unauthorized/unapproved translations or detailed summaries published on social media. Translations of its intellectual property from Spanish to English (and vice versa, if needed) must be done by Certified Panamanian Translators.

TV Chiriquí is owned and funded by Fundacion Amigos de Boquete. Fundacion Amigos de Boquete is a Panama not-for-profit foundation and humanitarian organization involved in various charitable programs in and around Boquete, Panama.

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