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Expansion of Controller's Office in Boquete

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Municipalities have an office of the national Controller within their facilities. Called the Controlaria, it's presumably there to ensure that there is no fiscal hanky panky going on. The offices were expanded last week.

Controller-General Freddy Humbert was on hand for the occasion as were the local Padre and typico dancers.

Expanded Audit Offices in Boquete

As watchdog and regulator of all public acts and handling of funds and other public goods The Comptroller of Panama opened extended  offices to continue to comply with what is established by our constitution and transparency legislation in the Republic.

The opening ceremony took place with the presence of the Comptroller of the Republic Federico Humbert, who stated that he was invited to participate today Friday of the Provincial Council, but that was in Boquete coordinating best spaces for greater efficiency in the management of the Office of the Comptroller and the district can feel safe of the work carried out by its authorities.

"More than a relationship of institution is a visit of friends to the district and the Mayor of Boquete Emigdio Walker Vasquez as we share not only the same structures but seek work transparently with the district authorities" reiterated the Comptroller of the Republic.

In the event were the mayor of Boquete Emigdio Walker Vasquez, who is the President of the Municipal Council of Boquete, the H.R. José Edilberto Quiroz, The Honorable Representatives of the Corregimiento of Palmira and Bajo Boquete as well as officials of the Office of the Comptroller and municipal partners.

Public Relations Department


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