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Request to Keep Dogs Under Control During Garbage Collection

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This sure seems like a reasonable request to me.



We once again call for people to tie up their dogs while garbage is being collected in their homes or neighborhoods.

Today in the town of Alto Boquete, while collecting the trash we had the unpleasant time to see again one of the collaborators bitten by a dog.

It is not our intention to take action against any of our citizens but now it is the case that the dog's owner did not want to take care of the young man who was bitten.

These workers provide a service and we the taxpayers have to help if that benefit should continue, and secure our dogs while gathering the trash is not too much to ask.

Public Relations Department

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From my experience, being responsible for one's dogs is not going to become a reality unless and until individuals harmed start filing denuncias and the owners of vicious dogs are prosecuted and punished. If I were the municipio, I just wouldn't pick up the garbage from a home with a threatening dog.

And, by the way, can a denuncia be filed if a dog running loose attacks another dog? I'm thinking of Keith's poor old Buddy and of Sally Foulke's dog who recently has had to have over 100 stitches, both dogs having been attacked in their own neighborhoods by vicious dogs running free.

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