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Earlier this week one of my friends in Arizona sent an e-mail asking how we as gringos living in Panama celebrate Thanksgiving. My reply:


We were invited to a friend's house for a big Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the attendees were gringos and others Panamanian. Before dinner was served each person was asked to tell the group what they were thankful for. I was impressed by the positive attitude and remarks offered by one Panamanian lady who lives in Boquete. I think she is a deep thinker and has a clear handle on what is really important in life. She emphasized the good changes brought about by gringos coming to Panama.

One Panamanian man had a difficult time understanding the meaning of the word "dressing" when talking about food. He decided he liked the taste and ate a second helping.

Lots of conversation around our table.  There was much talk on many varied topics, some in English and a considerable portion in Spanish.

This could be my favorite Thanksgiving celebration ever.


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