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Looking for Flovent/Flixotide inhaler

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My cat, yes my cat, has severe feline asthma and requires a daily dose of Flovent, or Flixotide. I was able to get it at Any in the past, then they stopped carrying it. Revilla had it for the last year but they haven't had it the last three times I've checked. Romeros, no. Today I stopped at the pharmacy at the park and they don't have it either. Certainly there must be someone in Boquete who has asthma and uses Flovent. I've asked both Revilla and Any to order it for me. They say they will, I go back and they haven't. I can get the Albuterol with no problem, but he has to have the Flovent too. Am I missing a pharmacia in town that might carry it? My kitty will die without it so I go to David but man, I'd rather get it here.

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