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Alto Boquete 19th Anniversary Celebrations

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from Radio Chiriqui

From the bridge of the world we welcome today, Wednesday, June 28, the day on which the activities of the celebration of the 19 anniversary of the founding of the corregimiento of the quickest growth in the province of Chiriqui: Alto Boquete

At this time starts a tour medical care for the residents of El Frances with the Community Board of Alto Boquete and its representative the Honorable Yosward Alvarado. And is that Radio Chiriqui Boquete is also located in Alto Boquete, in the Barrio Alto Dorado, and is also why this anniversary is very important since we are part of the progress and development of this thriving district that starts in the Cochea river and extends up to the Cefati.

Alto Boquete is a district with 6, 209 inhabitants and is located 1000 meters above sea level account with lakes, rivers and mountains and little by little is becoming the new modern center in the district of Boquete.

They say as a joke that it is easy to identify the residents of Alto Boquete on the way agachadita, leaning how to walk, making reference to the strong wind that blows in this district from December to March, winds up to 55 knots. For this event of the creation have organized several activities, among the most popular of today's Health Census, also the institutional Trade Fair at the School of Alto Boquete from Friday 30, bullfights on Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday 2 July a Marathon Youth two kilometers from 9 in the morning, which starts at the Plaza San Francisco. For more information on these and other activities please contact the Community Board of Alto Boquete.

This is one of the youngest municipalities and dates from 29 June 1998, as well as tomorrow is the official day of anniversary.

In Radio Chiriqui Boquete there is a flag of Chiriqui to greet everyone like us that we have already become new residents of this beloved in the valley of coffee and flowers: Alto Boquete.

And you… what do you think?

From the bridge of the world we say goodbye, follow us on twitter @GuerraRoger

today will spend more than 35 vessels through the Panama Canal.


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