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The Ralph Dessau Mariposario

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Yesterday Marcelyn and I joined a group of about 15 gringos for a tour of the Ralph Dessau Mariposario. For those who may not know, Ralph Dessau was a very talented and highly educated gentleman who lived in the Potrerillos area, but died in a car wreck about the time that his vision of a butteryfly sanctuary was to come to fruition. His dream carried on, and is very active. That facility is located in Los Naranjos (just north of Bajo Boquete), down the side street where Milqueburger is located. Fascinating stuff. There is a LOT more to see and do at this place, but we only did a quick tour of the butterfly sanctuary.

Following are just a couple of the pictures we took. Photo enthusiasts will go wild in a place such as this mariposario.

The facility is managed by Emily Haworth. Here is Emily:








Here are scans of their descriptive pamphlet and business card.

59369b3fd8a69_butterflypampphlet-2.thumb.jpg.ed2915cb1e9707985077a97e19b5b40e.jpg  59369b399ae5d_butterflypampphlet-1.thumb.jpg.3f3702ffc72d5ed218740fec0fa3c148.jpg




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