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First District Livestock Expo @ Feria de Boquete

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First District Livestock EXPO Will be Held in the FERIA DE BOQUETE

The Association of Livestock Producers in Boquete (APROPEBO) are going to hold  the first Livestock Expo in the district of Boquete on June 24 and 25, in the Boquete Fair grounds, during the dates in which we commemorate the Patron Saint of Boquete.

Tomas Ruiz, President of the Board of Festivities and APROPEBO said that has already been confirmed that this activity will take place in the Boquete Fair grounds and starts with a grand opening at 11:00 on the morning of Saturday 24 June with artistic presentations.

It should be noted that this will be the first Livestock Expo livestock to to be held in the district of Boquete and will feature presentations of swine, cattle, sheep, goats and horses that will be complemented with dancing, cockfights. Completely free, these activities will be complemented with other activities in downtown Boquete.

In addition to this we will count on the presence of the district's recognized restaurants, banking, suppliers, and of course government entities and the well-known trade fairs of the IMA which will be on sale during these days.

Public Relations Department

Alcaldia de Boquete 2014-2019


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