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Nine Year Sentences for High School Heist in David

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This seems like more appropriate sentencing.

Nine Years for High School Heist in David

A sentence of 9 years imprisonment was imposed on two citizens of 18 and 20 years, being found guilty of the commission of the offense against the National Economic Good, in the form of aggravated robbery within a school in the district of David.

This criminal case was generated in the month of November of 2016, when both of the convicted were admitted to a school at noon, located in Montilla in the district of David, and with firearms intimidated their victims who were deprived of cash, cell phones and other personal belongings.

After the commission of the crime, different investigative acts, duly legalized by a Judge of guarantees, were carried out which resulted in the apprehension of these two people.

The conviction was achieved through a plea agreement, submitted by the Prosecutor Gil Rodriguez Loo, of the Research Section and follow-up of cases to the Public Prosecutor's Office in the province of Chiriqui, and validated by the Judge of Guarantees Rita Williams.

In the judgment 167 of 04 May 2017, both people are fixed a primary penalty of one hundred and eight (108) months of imprisonment and disqualification from public office for a period of twenty-four (24) months, once the sentence is completed


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