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8 hours ago, Admin_01 said:

What are you referring to?

Under the Forum topic Clubs and Groups, there is a category Buy and Sell where people can post things for sale.  You have to click a couple of times to find this topic, and it isn't obvious (if you don't already know) where it is.  Currently Buy/Sell isn't getting much traffic.  If people didn't have to hunt for it, it would probably get a lot more use.  Please make it a stand-alone Forum topic.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. That topic escaped my view previously. The referenced topic has been relocated to the miscellaneous forum at the very bottom of the classified ads category.

I get complaints when topics are in the wrong forum. In fact, I get many complaints. And that is the reason topics get moved to the most appropriate forum. The long term value of a website like this is dependent upon not only the breadth and the depth and the quality of the content therein, but also the structure of that content. If something cannot be located with only a reasonable amount of effort, then its value is problematic, bordering on valueless.

I also get complaints about the somewhat frequent movement of topics. This is a no-win situation, but as stated in other replies to inquires along this line, what we do here as administrators is a balancing act -- trying to keep topic integrity intact versus confusing members with moved topics. We as administrators prefer to believe that topics being posted in a less appropriate forum is simply a case of not being familiar with the structure of this website and/or the organization of the various categories and forums. And then there is also the splitting of topics when someone goes off-topic.

Going a bit technical here, your terminology in your original posting ("...stand-alone topic...") is part of what caused me to be confused. There is no such thing as a stand-alone topic. I scanned around the website but could not easily locate anything related to your request, and so you saw my reply. I had no idea that you were talking about a particular topic within a forum.

For the general information and edification of all members, this website is structured in a hierarchical schema. Channels are the highest level of the hierarchy. The channels in this website are the various tabs that you see when you click on the "Browse" button at the very top of the window. Within the bulletin board forums, which are just one "channel" in this website, are the categories, which can only contain sub-categories and/or forums. Those sub-categories can themselves contain more sub-sub-categories and/or forums, Etc., etc., ad infinitum. Only forums may contain postings; categories may not contain postings. The first posting in a forum is called the topic, and subsequent postings are called replies. Thus, for the bulletin board forums, the hierarchy is first the channel, then the category, then the forum, etc., and the category/forum structure can be repeated. We currently only go down three levels in that hierarchy.

Thanks for your continued use and support of CL.

P.S., when a topic is moved, we typically notify the originator and insert a redirect link from the old forum to the new forum.

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