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One Dead, Two Injured in Violent Robbery in Bugaba

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One Dead, Two Injured in Violent Robbery in Bugaba

An armed robbery that occurred the morning of Saturday 29 April in a solitary area of the Pan American Highway, in the sector of la Estreela de Bugaba, province of Chiriqui, has left one person dead and two injured

According to reports, criminals took advantage  byshooting from two cars  to those affected, forcing them to stop and be able to carry out the theft. The victim died when receiving at least two bullet wounds in the chest, the other two injured are out of danger at the Regional Hospital of David.

The victims had come out of a Gallera* they were operating in Conception and carrying a large sum of money. Now his family only calls for justice.

Minutes after the assault, the National Police (PN) amount a operating system and managed to capture three subjects, who were traveling in a car which, apparently, is involved in the assault.

According to preliminary reports, the criminals planned the theft.

In 2017, there have been 10 murders in Chiriqui, of these five in the district of Bugaba.

With information of Demetrius Abrego.

* Cockfight

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Three suspects, all from David, have been detained in connection to this violence, and charged with homicide, attempted homicide, and armed robbery.

A judge has ordered they be held for six months while the case is being investigated.


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