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'Training Day' for Students of Octavio López Pascal School

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This is an effort to help keep kids on the straight and narrow.


With the support of the mayor of Boquete and the City Council, the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) regional of Chiriqui, held today Thursday an important training session at the educational center Octavio López Pascal in Los Naranjos de Boquete.

This training was carried out to students, teachers and parents and provided talks of values, Adversarial Criminal System, bullying, among others, and also discussed some situations that must parents must be involved with regard to the care and education of children.

The training was provided to the children of the school with the purpose of delivering to society good members who follow their dreams because it is the only way to avoid the punishment as a child, cultivating their values, stressed the Director of MIDES, Anayansi Diaz.

The training workshops are also held in San Felix, Dolega, Baru, Alanje, Divala, and now in the district Boqueteno, with the above-mentioned training also work was carried out in the gardens of the educational center and it will be replicated at the Secondary School Benigno Tomás Argote, stressed the Director of MIDES Anayansi Diaz.

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