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Five Children Die in strange circumstances in Chiriqui

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Five Children Die in strange circumstances in Chiriqui

The death of five minors, in the first months of the year keeps on alert the authorities of the district of El Tejar, in the district of Alanje, who have demanded that the Ministry of Health (MINSA), and the central government to turn our gaze to this sector of the province of Chiriqui.

Three of the children were infants and have died in their houses; two others in the Materno Infantil Jose de Obaldia, where have been transferred by their parents.

We are very concerned because children are healthy and happy and soon appear dead" said Abraham Smith, one of the neighbors.

This Monday 17 April, staff of the Public Prosecutor of Chiriqui made the lifting of the body of the fifth baby that died in the community. The infant had only one month and six days of being born.

The family was told that the baby in the early hours of the morning began to cry and minutes later he was dead.

We do not know what happened, the child was healthy and in the morning died," said his uncle Mariano Palacios.

This is a group of more than 50 families who for many years have settled in this sector where the railway line passed that unites San Pablo Nuevo of David with El Tejar of Alanje.

Do not know if it is the water, something that's in the environment or if they are the conditions in which people live, a spokesperson requested the presence of Minsa personnel or of the First Lady, Lorena Castillo, to help families.

The residents claim to be very worried because in the community, reside more than a hundred children, most of them in ages between 2 months and 13 years of age.



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