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GrayRiver Farms Plant Sale on Saturday, November 21st at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market.  North from Dolega Y, 1.5km From 10:00am until 12:30pm

Specials:  Sweet potatoes $2 per pound.    Free range organic hens 6.5-7 pounds at $2.50 per pound by pre-order.                                                                                                             We also have Mirto, a wonderful privacy hedge with intoxicatingly fragrant small white flowers, can be trimmed low or will grow to ten feet.  $3.00 each                                                                    See photo below:                                                                  Email:   grayriverfarms@yahoo.com

Plant List: Trees:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Hass Avocado                                $32  
Moringa                                          $6   
Ylang Ylang                                    $12  
Dwarf Eureka Lemon with fruit       $40
Eureka Lemon   grafted                  $20
Persian Lime grafted                      $20
Ruby Red Grapefruit                      $20
Calamondin Orange                       $30
Washington Navel Orange             $10
Kumquat                                         $20
Cinnamon                                       $10
Spanish Fan Palms                        $25
Phoenix Palms                               $15
Foxtail Palms                                  $40
African Tulip Trees                         $10
Crap Myrtle                                     $10
Bauhinia (orchid tree) purple          $15
Hybicus large pink flowers              $5
Cape Honeysuckle (orange)           $6
Jasmine officinale                           $6
Japanese Mock Orange                 $15
Dwarf Cannas, red, white pink       $2
Cannas tall, each stem,                  $2
Bronze leaf Begonia                       $5
Ground covers
Dichondra silver                             $2
Purslane white morning star          $3
Licorice silver                                 $6
Herbs                                            $4
Dill,Rosemary, Sage, Mexican Tarragon
Anise, Broad leafed Basil, Purple Basil
Jicama                                            $4





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