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i am seeking help with the issue of text messages being sent to my Skype U.S. phone number so I can see those texts here in Panama. Does anyone else pay for Skype credits to use the feature where you get a U.S. phone number? This works perfectly for people calling me but I am unable to receive text messages from them. They don't have a Skype account. not even a smart phone. They can send a simple text, but somehow Skype is not sending them to my iPhone here in Boquete.   Thanks.     prefer to call me or email, no problem...6808-2061. i also use whatsapp.

how611@gmail to reach me that way

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You could try activating Skype call forwarding (Tools/Options/Calls/Call Forwarding).  When they call your U.S. phone number, it would forward to your smart phone.  I know this works for calls.  I have never tried it with text, but it should work.

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